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We are unique – snowflake activity

We Are Unique 

Grades: Primary)
We are Unique Bulletin boardJust like every snowflake, your students are all unique. Allow them to show this by creating individual snowflakes. I have found one of the easiest ways to create beautiful snowflakes is to use coffee filters. They come in a perfect circle and are made in several different sizes.

Depending on the size of filter you use, have the students begin to fold the filter in half, over and over again until you get a small sliver. Using their scissors, students begin to cut various patterns out of the filter – being careful to not completely cut from one side to another.

Unfold the filters and hang!

EXTENSION: You can turn this into a writing activity. With younger students, have them write one-two sentences describing either their snowflake, or places their snowflake might see as it sails through the winter sky. For older students, they can use the same writing idea, but can create a full paragraph or story.
Provided by: The Teacher’s Corner



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