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Ten tips for teachers

Top ten tips for time Saving for Teachers

(by Macmillan english education)

1. Create templates: If there are materials you create regularly, make templates for
them, store on your computer and edit when you need them.

2. A place for everything: Make sure your desk, cabinets and closets are organised
at all times. Regularly throw out unused materials and divide papers into
categories: To Do, To File, To Read, To Hold.

3. What’s the plan Stan? Use a daily planner, keeping all your ‘to do’ lists in there.
Keep it on your desk or to hand at all times.

4. Dish out tasks: Students like being given responsibility, so assign them tasks that
will take some of the burden off you.

5. Partner up your students: Even if the class have all been grouped together at
the same level, doesn’t mean everyone has the same grasp of language. You may
find yourself spending time explaining things to certain students in more depth.
Save time by grouping weaker students with stronger ones, and let them guide
their peers in activities.

6.Grade yourself! You don’t always have to be the one doing the marking. Allow
students to self-grade or peer grade where appropriate. Even better, use digital
learning environments that will grade students as they complete exercises.

7. Learn to say no. You don’t have to answer every question or stay back for every
activity. Your time is an asset so value it by thinking hard about how you should be
using it.

8. Make a check-list for trips: If you’re going to be taking your students out of the
classroom or abroad to improve their English, make a list of all the things you need
to do before, during and after a day out, from health and safety, to food provisions
and extra activities (should the museum be closed!).

9.Don’t reinvent the wheel. There are so many lesson plans and extra activities
available online. Log-on, download the guides and use them to supplement your
own teaching plan. For example, check out Onestopenglish for more information about teacher’s

10. I can add a last one but not least: Enjoy! Your students will learn more if you are relaxed and enjoy the class, even having all the matters under control.


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