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Teacher in summer



At last!!! the summer has come as we wished 😉

In summer I also keep some of my teacher work, appart from reading, relaxing, travelling, stay with the family, visit friends, going out for dinner, go to the beach or the swimming pool, …and many more pleasure activities…


As I said before, I like to revise my role as teacher and make something to improve it. To do this, I follow some ways I’m going to show you here.

For example, I try to read some methodology books to be recycled and actualised. This summer, I have 3 (almost sure I cannot end all, but anyway):

TEFL in primary education; D.Madrid and N. Maclaren. This is a textbook I use in the university and I have decided to read again, now as a professional teacher, not as an aspirant.

400 ideas for interactive whiteboards, instant activities using technology; P. Sharma, B. Barrett and F. Jones. This contains a wealth of resources to help teachers integrate the digital board into the classrooms, so I want to pick some practical ideas for next years.

Learning teaching, the essential guide to english language teaching; J. Scrivener. With practical teaching techniques and successful activities, lessons and courses.


Another thing I tried to do in summer is reading other blogs or webs about education, especially those about primary or english (or both) and take some of them to do in my class or put in this blog. Many of the entries are referred to these blogs and entries I have read and proved myself.


And the last thing I’m going to tell you now is that in summer I also try to prepare some materials for the following year, specially if we are going to introduce something new (a textbook, a new methodology, a new blog, etc.) because I have more time and no pression in make for any date, so it’s much more relaxing for me and I will take easier. I like to become familiar with the new things.


Finally, I don’t know if you can disconnect completely when you reach your holidays, in my school I know teachers of all types, but what I know that despite the way you pass your summer holidays, almost every teacher there wants to come back in september (at least, during the first week 😉



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