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And the weather changes now and again. The seasons and the weather are great topics for any time of the year. They open a wide range of possibilities for connecting a varied topics, gramar and vocabulary.

Throughsome flashcards or posters about them, students will learn about the changing seasons, develo pan understanding of physical and environmental changes, learn and speak about the weather.

To teach the name of the seasons, show them a flashscard or poster with their names and explain how the seasons go round and round and why they are different in the northern and southern hemisphere.





Drawings and seasons

Make sure you previously ask the students to bring pictures showing things that happen in a season: a snowman, a beach full of people, flowers, warm clothes, etc.

In class, divide the students into small groups; give each group a big sheet of paper, and ask them to draw a big circle divided into four parts. They should represent each season with a different drawing. Ask them to label them: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Then they should paste the pictures they have brought on the circle.

Sports and seasons

Point at a season and ask the students what sports are practised during that period. They should make sentences like these:

-We can ski in the Winter, when there is snow / it snows.

-We pick flowers in the spring.

-We can swim in the summer.

Flowers, plants and seasons.

Help the students create a season book, where they are going to record the life cycle of a plant as the seasons go round. They can also include potos, leaves and flowers to signal seasons changes.

snowflakeColours and seasons.

In the art class the students may create a palette of colours to represent each season. Give them the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination.

The sun and the seasons.

Tell the students that in groups, they are going to find out what time the sun rises and sets in a season they choose.

Make sure that each group chooses a different season and go on the Internet to do their search.

 (by The Teacher’s magazine)



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