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My Halloween lesson in primary

This year I have prepared a shorter lesson because the classes in my school now have only 45 minutes, and we have to take the best of that.

First I start asking the students about what we celebrate this week, so they say: “HALLOWEEN!!!”. Then I use some flashcards to review the vocabulary, talking about the characters they know: witch, ghost, pumpkin, bat, black cat, skeleton, mummy, vampire, monster, zombie...I use a video like this  or get the flashcards from here.


Then I ask them again about what is Trick or treat, and they explain what they do and what they know about that. It serves to me to introduce a video from Donald Duck. It’s very funny:

At the end, I ask them some comprehension questions, about the costumes they have seen in the video, what happened to Donald, what the children do, etc.

Next step I choose two different activities for some classes depending on the age of the students. For the younger ones, I show another video with some of these characters, and with different moves for each one:

Optional: With the older ones, instead of this song, we have talked about Jack o’lantern and the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I explain them that legend and we have seen another video.

sorry, but the video is no more available 😦

Now we play a game called “Pass the pumpkin” with a toy pumpkin I have (with lights inside! It’s so cool!). I play some music and in the meanwhile the students have to pass to each other the pumkpin (without throwing it…). When I stop the music, the child with the pumpkin has to stand up and say aloud one of the characters we were talking about. If they delay very much or repeat one word, they are knocked out. We made it till we have 4 or 5 children off.

If I have enough time, we could play a memory game with the whole class in the smart board like this.

The last step is to fill a worksheet with pictures of all the vocabulary and a crossword. So they have a little practice of reading and writing. You have it in this link.

And that’s all. They have a lot of fun. And I think is a good way to fix this vocabulary with games, videos and songs they like.


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