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Teacher planners and why I love them!

As in every new beginning of the school year, I am preparing my materials and looking for a good planner that can help me to be organized and keep all my important documents together and ordered.


Throughout the years I have learnt as a teacher that I need a planner to have all the basic things I need for my classes, and all together if it is possible. A place where I can find the names and lists of my students, their marks, and also the daily plan I’m following. Weekly I actualize this plan for the next week and programme the activities I’m going to use in every class for every day. This help me to realize about the time I need, to order the resources I use, to no repeat the same things again, and to be prepared for possible surprises. I consider this is a tool every teacher should have, in paper or digital support, but is necessary to be organized and have quickly the comprehension of your style of teaching and also to be easily better coordinated with the other teachers.

Last year, I bought this school planner from Additio (link here) but in the middle of the course I  decided to personalize more and I take 2 blocs in blank we have kept, and I put together with the rest of the planner, in order to have in one bloc two differentiated parts: one with the marks and the lists of my students of all my classes ( last year I teach 4 different groups and 10 different subjects), and on the other part I had the daily planner of what I was teaching each day.

This year, I have recently bought this planner from the same brand (link here), and I hope it will be more definitive than the other one.

So, if you also need this tool, here you have some types of planners that I recommend to you:

And all the other webs, blogs etc where you can download and print, or buy one already made, etc.

I hope you can use all this information to be more organized and a best teacher!!



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