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7 and more ways to practice vocabulary

Hello again! Today I want to share with you some tips and tricks for learning and practicing vocabulary with children and teenagers. Let’s go:

1- PowerPoint presentation: introducing the word with a picture, then the sound and lastly the word written is the most effective way to learn new words. And you can include many varied images and funny gifs.

2- Videos:


Videos are fun, engaging and they can provoke the most exhilarating reactions.

You can read more information about it in this link.

3- Songs: using modern or classic songs always like to children and teenagers. I used incomplete lyrics to make an exercise of filling in the blanks. You can listen twice and they can compare between them. You can make it more interesting if they prepare some work for themselves.

You have interesting links here:

Fluency MC in Youtube

Lyrics training


4- Games: like “Taboo”, using sinonyms, “Scrabble” practicing spelling, or “Pictionary” using expressions or paraphrasing.

5- Wordclouds: you can use these to learn words sinonyms and antonyms, and they can practice to make sentences.

6- Word chain: you have cards with two different words, on one side in english, and on the other side in spanish (or another language you use). Give one to each student. You can start saying aloud one of the words you choose randomly. The student with that word raise the hand or stands up and says it in the other language. Then that student says the word in english of the card. And another student should say it in their language. So you make the chain till the end. You can use these cards by Teaching English by the British Council.

7- Words we know Jar: (By Pro English). An empty plastic jar may be used creatively for vocabulary revision. I made this “Words We Know” label and used double sided sticky tape to stick it onto the jar. Then I filled the jar with mini-flashcards of the words my students know. For older students cards with words and phrases may be used.
How to play:
* A student pulls out a card and names the word/makes a sentence with the word.
* A student pulls out a card and names all the words related to this category that he/she can remember (e.g. if the word is ‘red’, the student names all the colours, etc.)
* Empty the jar onto the desk/carpet and let students sort out all the words into categories like ‘food’, ‘animals’ etc.
* May be used for miming game: A student takes out a card without showing it to the groupmates and mimes it using gestures and face expressions. The other students try to guess the word.
The thing I like is that the more topics you cover – the more filled your jar is and this helps you create the sense of achievment which is so important for your students.


Here there is another interesting link of more ways to revise and learn vocabulary:



Hope you like it!!



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