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Halloween lesson plan updated 2016

Hello again!

Preparing this year the lesson for Halloween, I decided to update a little the lesson plan of last year (you have here) and introduce new things for my Year 1 students in primary.

First of all, to introduce the vocabulary I prepared a powerpoint presentation, including the sounds, to have all the resources in one place. I found some presentations in the always useful Slideshare, but at the end I decided to make a new one mixing and matching others. Here you have.

I use it to start the class reviewing basic vocabulary. They have the pronunciation sounds for the children to hear and repeat, and with funny pictures to make them laugh.

The following step is linking the end of the pwp to the explanation of the Trick or treat tradition. And then I use the video you know of Disney Trick or treat.

I realised that I am working with the body parts in natural science at the same time, so I use the “Skeleton dance” song to review them using this halloween character:


They like all that is moving and dancing, so they love this video!

You have here a similar video that you can use too.

After that, and if we have enough time, I choose another song to also move and identify the halloween characters, as I used last year: “What are you for halloween?”

Last, with the older ones in year 3 and 4 I used a worksheet to introduce some reading and writing. It is very similar to this one of the British Council web for kids. You have there many different resources to work this festivity.

Complementing all of this, as I just told you in a recent post, this year we are working with plasticine to make a craft in the Arts class. I explained this here. 

And that is all! I hope you find it useful and give more ideas to your class.

Happy Halloween!



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