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One warmer game: ladder race

(By the blog EFL recipes)


Let’s start the ball rolling with a warmer. This is a good one for reviewing a recently studied lexical set (e.g. weather) or to introduce a topic by quickly brainstorming vocabulary connected to the theme of the lesson.

It’s very simple to set up, requires no preparation, is short and snappy and starts the lesson with a bit of energy. Works equally well with adults and YLs.

1. Draw two ladders with ten or so rungs on each half of the whiteboard (not higher than your shortest student!).
2. Split the class into two teams.
3. Each team lines up in front of the board (facing it).
4. Students need to write a word connected to the topic in each space. One student writes one word, passes the pen to the next student and then goes to the back of the line. Words must be legible and spelt correctly. Best if they go to the back on the outside rather than down the centre to avoid collisions (particularly with YLs).
5. Stop when fastest team have finished and ss sit down.
6. T gives one point for each correct word, helping ss to teach any new words to their peers and eliciting corrections for mistakes.
7. Students add any new items to their notebooks.




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