english primary teacher

Creative drawing activity

(By Cambridge english)

​If your child wanted to learn about animal habitats, you could practise key vocabulary and concepts by doing some funny drawings.

Fold a piece of paper into four parts. Ask your child to draw on the first part, for example: “Draw the head of a
polar animal.
” Help them fold the paper so that only the second part of the paper is showing. Then pass it to the next player.

Keep going until you have completed the whole animal: “Draw the arms or wings of a
grassland animal”, “Draw the body of a rainforest animal”, “Draw the legs or tail of a
marine animal”, and so on. Ask your child to unfold the paper by themselves and describe what they can see. The animal might look very strange at the end – let your child know that’s perfectly OK!

I would use this tip in my class to practice vocabulary about body parts and types of animals.



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