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Spring is here! – some resources for the english class

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you some resources I have prepared for my students about spring.

First of all, I want to say that I don’t dedicate many lessons to this, but you can always link this topic to see the months and the seasons (obviously) but also the weather, the plants, the insects, and many other topics you want to speak about, and “spring” can be like an introductory lesson for them.

I have discovered a teacher in Youtube that is very interesting and have a funny dance about this song. Here you have the song and the dance:


The song video has very cute pictures, and the music is inviting to move, so when I see the video of the dance I think it was perfect for my students! There is also the karaoke video if you want to use it, with the lyrics, I let here the link.

Appart from that, one month ago another teacher showed me a mobile app you can use to download pictures and bring them alive. It is Quiver, and it is available for Ios and Android. You can print the picture you choose , among many different models (we choose spring and easter pictures),  and with a tab or phone you can see them in 3D and moving using this app. It’s amazing. You have more info here.

It is a show of augmented reality in class, and the kids are fascinated watching their pictures coming to life. You can see it here:


Some other years I used to relate this topic to content like seasons and months, and did some worksheets with other songs. You can look for them in this post.

I hope you enjoy!



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