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Do you remember me?

The other day I read about this technique of getting to know other people for the first time or to strengthen good attitudes when conflicts arise between students. As I was reading it, I think it was easy to do it in English, with simple questions about favourite things (food, colour, sport, etc.) and that it is very easy also to graduate the difficulty in the way you consider your students are able to achieve.

To summarize, you need balloons for every child in your class, they have to blow up them, and with a permanent marker, they have to write the answers to different questions you are going to ask them. At the end, you decide if they write their name or not. When everybody have finished, they throw all the balloons into the air and they have to catch one different from theirs. They go one by one  reading aloud the sentences and the rest of the pupils have to guess who is that person.

I think it could be funny for new groups, or groups that don’t know many things about each other, or groups that have some conflicts between them, because you can increase the familiarity and trust inside the group, and improve the coexistence in the class.

Here is the link to the complete description of the activity. (in Spanish)


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