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Casino game for the english class

Hello! Today I’ve got up with inspiration and I  have discovered a new game we can use in the english class. It is the Casino game. Let me explain the rules to you. 

Every player/student/team  starts with 20 points. And they can bet different tiles, marked with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 points. You (the teacher) are going to show them different sentences and they have to decide if they are true/correct or false/ incorrect. And they bet the number they decide to the option they choose. If they win, they add the points to their scoreboard; if they are wrong, they lose those points. 

Normally at the beginning they can be more careful, and bet a few points, but they would become more brave as the game goes on. Maybe you need more points from the beginning for some classes. 

With younger students, instead of sentences you can use pictures matched with words, or sounds with words. If your students have a more advanced level, you can show more difficult sentences.

Here you have an example with another language, so you can make an idea for the game. This is an interactive game, but you can design your own game.


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