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Class games: Get to know you

As a tutor, I have to spend many time with my class, although as English teacher, this time is not enough with younger children, I would like to stay more hours with my children and to know them better.

For the children is more or less the same. They change their mates every two years, so they can start from the very beginning to know them. And sometimes this change makes that some of them can change their historical roles or behaviour in a different environment and with new partners.

To help in that new adventure, I like to make things a bit easier with games like this. It is a kind of bingo designed to introduce the children each others and to know different things about their classmates, some of them are things not so usual.

Moreover, as I have said as an English teacher, it is another opportunity to present the English language and to practice it, especially making questions and answers while they speak between themselves.

Last year, I designed a serie of questions I thought could be interesting and funny. It includes some simple grammar structures they already knew or at least sounded familiar to them, and also it included vocabulary they could recognize and were able to manage.

They have to  ask each question to a different person. The objective of the game is to find people that answers the same as you. The one that finds the most, wins the game. Of course, the real purpose of the game is to get to know themselves, but they can see it more like a game if we introduce a bit of competition in it.

Here you have the example I made. I hope you can use it too. For me it was very useful. You can find it and download it for FREE in my Teachers pay teachers store. You can have access clicking here. And tell me please if you use it and it works well (I would be very grateful if you can leave an opinion please).

Thank you for the visit!


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