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Co-evaluation in the english class

In the book I used in my school, it has one part at the end of every unit as self-assessment. I give you one example for year 1. The students have to colour the star of each word they know, from the target vocabulary of that unit. Normally I let themselves to fill them as they want, but today I have tried a different way to do it, and I think it is a better one.

I said them that they have to ask each other for one word, pointing to the picture and saying “What’s this?” or “How do you say this?” (the vocabulary is about zoo animals in this case), and if the other child said it right, they can colour their star. I repeat the question and the vocabulary many times in loud voice, to serve as remember.

activity book

They have to make each question to a different child, so they have to move and interact between them. I have checked that they were very happy with this activity, and in this way, they practice speaking, questions, and of course the target vocabulary.

Moreover, it is a way to introduce peer-assessment in the class since they are very little, so they can check their own level and also the level of their partners and if they know more or less, besides that this is a more comfortable way for them to say the vocabulary, so different than when I ask them individually to evaluate their oral expression.

I hope it could be a nice routine to introduce in the normal plan of every unit. I have to try it more times and in other classes.


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