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Storybooks: “The very hungry caterpillar”

This last week of classes we have decided to dedicate the time to a story, in this case, this famous tale by Eric Carle. In social science we are now in the last unit about the past of time, working with the days of the week, the months of the year, and the concepts of past, present and future. So we decided that this story could be fine to develop a bit more these topics, especially the days of the week.

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I want to put here some of the materials we are going to use with my year 1 students.

First of all, we are going to present the story to the students and read the book with them. Then they will summarize the story with their own words and we will ask questions about the different aspects in the story we would like to emphasize, like simple vocabulary about food, the days of the week or when does this happen in the story.

We will watch this video, with an animated version of the story:


And these are the worksheets we will work with the students.


We want to start practicing more frequently the writing, so we want to practice the tracing of letters in one worksheet. Other worksheet is to practice listening and the discriminate different sounds, that with the one where they have to write the starting letter of each word. And the last one is to cut and color every card and separate them, so the students have to order the sequence of events in the story.

Let’s see how it works this next week.


If you are interested, I have worked with other storybooks like this one.


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