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New in TPT!

Hello again!

This summer has started very strong with the “Teacher bites”, because I’m all the time (not all day, but many hours…) looking for new materials for my classes and my new students next year.

As you know, recently I came to Instagram, and I have discovered a great community of teachers there that share many experiences and resources they used in their everyday, there are a lot of people doing many different things and many useful materials you can find there. It is a perfect place to motivate and take ideas.

Also, because of all of that new ideas and information, I have put myself into movement and I have create a new store at the web Teachers pay teachers, where you can find an enormous quantity of materials made by teachers worldwide for teachers, there a lot of nice things you can find there. And some of them free!

Anyway, I have decided to create my own page to see how it works… I still have a few things. Tell me please if you use it sometimes. Here you can find me again as english primary teacher in this link.


2018-07-05 (5)


As an example, you can find material like the one referred to in these posts:

Thank you very much!!


7 comentarios sobre “New in TPT!

  1. I came across Teachers Pay Teachers in the past and it looks very useful for those that have limited time to create and develop their own material. If my school was able to pay for some of the digital material, I would definitely use in the future.

    Perhaps it will encourage more English teachers to develop material for others – and to be paid for it as well! Good luck and it would be good to hear how you did with Teachers Pay Teachers website as a review after a few months.

      1. What is your link for your Teachers Pay Teachers page? It would be interesting to see your material and get some inspiration. I would love to create some material.

      2. Ooh, ok, I’ll try to fix it. Thank you. You can find me as english primary teacher too. You have many useful ideas.


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