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Introducing our English notebook

The Instagram inspiration continues! And today I want to show you a resource I wanted to introduce time ago, but I didnt’t know how to do it. But now I will try next year with this material.

In my school, there is a “travelling book” in every class during years 1 and 2 in primary. Every weekend, one student takes it to home and then writes something with their family. There are two ways of doing it:

  1. They have to read a book and after that, they write something about the book, what they liked most, or draw a picture.
  2. They take also the classroom pet, and they write something of what they have done in the weekend and make a picture.


Both of these two activities are done with the collaboration of parents and in Spanish, their mother tongue.

This year I want to do something similar but in English. So, looking for inspo in Instagram and Pinterest, I took some ideas and made this material:


2018-07-05 (3)

These are the instructions of use I included:

“We are going to use this notebook to write and practice the English language, you can use everything you see written in English. You have to look for a discovery you do in English and put it here in the notebook. You can cut it out from a magazine, or take a photo about something in the street, at home, in the park, etc., and stick it in one page, adding a little description like the model.” And I included an example made by myself.

You can find it in my Tpt store here.

I hope this will work well. I will tell you when I use it. Now we have to wait…



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