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Prepositions lesson plan

Hello again!

Today I bring you a lesson plan I put into practice last week with my students in year 3. In this unit we are learning prepositions of place, and I started to look for some different materials to make it funnier for my learners. So here you have the result. Let’s see!

prepositions Lesson Plan


Lesson 1

We started with this video to know the prepositions:


After that, we watch this video that is a competition between 2 teams, so previously I divided the class into two groups. They used only classroom material, so I changed some objects telling them different things:


After the game, I checked that they understand the meaning of the prepositions asking them with this picture:

Resultado de imagen de prepositions of place emojis below above blogspot

And lastly in this session, they complete this worksheet in groups. You can find it here.


Lesson 2

We started watching again the video. After that, I chose one student and has to tell some oral instructions to the rest of the class ( as in the competition game video). Each one told 2 instructions and then chose another student to come out.

Then we all together play the two interactive games you can find here in this page.

Finally, we review again the meaning with the picture above and in pairs they have to write four sentences using these prepositions in their notebooks.

They enjoy very much this kind of activities and I think they learn in a more meaningful way the use of the prepositions of place. I hope you can get inspired!


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