About me: teacher Marian

English teacher learning everyday!

Hello, my name is Marian and I’m an english teacher in Spain. I like to search for materials and different resources to use with my 6 to 11 years old students.

I like to investigate about webs or blogs I find very interesting and useful for me, and I think for you if you want to improve your english or if you are a teacher like me.

I teach English in primary education above all but also other subjects, like natural science, social science and arts and crafts in english language. I try to be updated in my competences as english teacher and I’m always looking for new ideas on the web.

I hope you like it!

You can know more about me in:

Twitter: @eteachermarian

Facebook: English primary teacher

Google + : marian fornieles


4 comentarios sobre “About me: teacher Marian

  1. Dear Marian, thanks for sharing your interesting blog. I’m also another English teacher and I love searching resources as you do. I enjoy reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.


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